Self Care Tips from Ketaki Sood

Self Care Tips from Ketaki Sood

Meet Ketaki Sood. She was born and raised in India, but spent nearly half her life in LA. If you get the pleasure of meeting her, you'll notice that laid back California style that's now become a part of her. 

What we most love about her, is that she's a true global Indian.  Although she's spent so much time living and traveling abroad, she is still very grounded and clear about her Indian roots and traditions. These really come through in self care routines... and she has some really good ones!  Have a read below.

Azurina: Give us some tips!  What do you for your fabulous skin and hair??

The best self-care is straight out of my kitchen:
A teaspoon of yogurt mixed with honey on the face for 20 minutes is great for moisturizing. 
For black and white heads and overall exfoliating, rice powder, mixed with yogurt and a few drops of lemon juice used as a scrub few times a week.
Rubbing a tomato or papaya slice on the face is also a great exfoliant.
A simple scrub for the body is green gram flour mixed with either milk or water. Use this after applying warmed Ayurvedic oil on your body (keep it on for at least 30 minutes).
For the hair, soaked methi seeds ground to a paste mixed with yogurt and honey. It's great as a moisturizing conditioner. Just avoid your scalp as the yogurt is cooling
Azurina: What do you swear by for health and wellness?
KS: A month long online Sivananda Yoga and Diet Program helps with building immunity and maintaining a healthy routine. I also indulge in Ayurvedic oils
Azurina: What do you do to deal with daily stress?
KS: There is no substitute for Pranayama; even if just for 10 minutes a day. It brightens up your face.


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