About Us

At Azurina, we love the idea of living life in simple, laid back elegance.  Our clothes reflect this - no unnecessary embellishments - no unnecessary frills... just flattering, modern cuts in pleasing fabrics.

We're continually inspired by the tropical beauty with which we are surrounded.  As such, our fabrics are natural, our colors cheerful, and a quiet, zen energy flows through our designs.

Based in Madras (or Chennai), India – Azurina started in March 2010 as a womens wear line.  We were focused on delivering the perfect casual wear wardrobe for the globe-trotting ladies of India!  Everything we made was minimal, cheerful, and was designed to put one in a vacation state of mind. 

Soon we expanded to offer another great love: sleep & loungewear.  With a core rooted in relaxation and vacation - it was a natural extension... and one with which we are in love!  A lot of our loungewear seamlessly melds into street-wear.

You'll find us both online and in stores in Chennai, Coimbatore, and Kuala Lumur.  As we continually expand our offering, we'll keep you posted!