Dealing with Isolation and Quarantine

Dealing with Isolation and Quarantine

I was recently diagnosed with Covid.  I am very lucky, as I am one of those who has fairly mild symptoms.  A slight fever for a few days, a sore throat, cough, and a cold. 

As I write this, I've been isolated to a single bedroom (albeit an unfairly large one) with zero human contact for ten days now.  Let me tell you: it's a challenge.  My normal go-to for a mood elevator is aroma therapy.  But with covid, that isn't an option.

But: I did do a few things that have helped me cope. Please do note that I was only able to do these as the symptoms were mild.  These are only tips to deal mentally with the isolation. 

1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday - as if it were a regular work day.  I think this helped my mind focus on having a purpose and a routine everyday.

(no I don't look like Christy Turlington - but remember: it's important to think happy thoughts)

2. Make my bed, and clean my (now small) environment everyday.  A clean, neat, pleasant environment is such a major mood enhancer.  And since small spaces get cluttered fast, I really organized my room and am keeping it super neat. To keep it cheerful, I get flowers delivered occasionally.

3. Yoga.  Truthfully, I've never been a fan of yoga.  But I signed up for a very gentle yoga class, and am happier for it.  The focus is mainly on breathing (pranayama), but it also incorporates a few gentle stretches. End result: a calmer, more rested me.  I think the deep breathing is good for covid lungs too...  

4.  I go to work. Switch on the computer, pick up the phone, and get to work at 9am just as I would have normally done.  If I feel like taking an afternoon nap (which I DO NOT normally do), I do that.  But the work times are fixed.

5. What to eat when you cannot taste anything?  I've fallen in love with lime popsicles. Specifically "Chill Lime" flavored popsicles from a brand called "Gusto Vita".  They're delish!  You can't taste much with covid tongue - but citrus registers.  And the cold cold popsicle during these hot summer days?  Oh yes...  

6. Re-learning to play the piano: What to do after work?  Normally, I'd go for a walk/ run, hang out with the family, meet up with friends... none of these things are an option.  So I bought a keyboard on the phone and had it delivered.  My mission is to re-learn the piano - something I gave up 24 years ago!!!  And I'm thrilled I did it - I forgot how calming it is to play.

7. Dance.  Have you ever heard the saying: "dance like nobody can see you"? Yaasss. Major mood elevator.

8. Look on the bright side - be thankful for anything positive. Ex. I own a kick ass sleepwear brand.  I'm probably the best dressed person in isolation in the entire country right now. Mike drop. 

9. Call friends and family.  I know this seems like a no-brainer, BUT: isolation has been odd to me.  Right around Day 7, I stopped feeling the need to speak to people.  In fact, I didn't want to speak to anybody. Cue alarm bells. It's not healthy.  Call people.  

10. Plan what you're going to do on the day you're released!  I'm planning a huge meal with the entire family.  Right down to the flowers and the recipes.  Can't wait to squeeze the babies.


11. What I chose NOT to do: I hear constantly from people that I should binge watch Netflix, etc. Maybe it works for some.  But I find that binge watching anything leads me into a sort of mood depleted state. So better to do any of the above.. 

Well... this is how I'm coping with the isolation.  I'd love to hear from all of you with your tips.  Share with us!  Send us an email: with your tips and suggestions or just comment below.  

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