Wholesome Blessing Amethyst Candle

Wholesome Blessing Amethyst Candle

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This fragrant candle is infused with amethyst and its energies of spiritual-healing and calmness. Amethyst has long been synonymous with spirituality and has a close connection with both the third eye and the crown chakra. Amethyst can help you with deep contemplation, crystal-clear clarity and a sense of control over your life. 

Within the candle are miniature crystals of Citrine, Clear Quartz and Amethyst. We invite you to light 'Wholesome Blessing' and channel the energies of the violet crystal into your life.

Fragrance: Mint Eucalyptus

Top: Green, Mint & Eucalyptus

Middle: Floral, Jasmine, Coconut, Banana & Basil 

Base: Woody, Musky, Camphoraceous

Dimensions (Inches)  4" Height x 3.5" Diameter 

Burning hours : 70 hrs

Wax weight : 400 gms

Product weight : 620 gms

Eco-friendly soy wax blend. Crystals are all real and natural.